Code of Conduct

1. All the students are requested to get their Identity Cards made from the College after their admission. Students must keep their identity cards with them during their stay in the College. It is the duty of a student to show his/her identity card if demanded by the Principal or any other lecturer/authority of the College. It should not be passed on to other students. In case of loss/damaged/theft, a new identity card will be re-issued to a student only on a payment of Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundred only) on submission of police complaint and with the special permission of the college principal.

2. Students must read the notice board before leaving the college to get information about instructions/orders issued by the Principal from time to time.

3. Students are required to maintain discipline and it is expected that they show respect towards their teachers and elders.

4. Students are advised not to roam around in the verandas or outside the classrooms so as to avoid disturbance in teaching. A fine may be imposed on violation of this code of conduct.

5. In case, any student is found violating any of the code of conduct or any other instructions displayed on the notice board, the Principal have a right to initiate disciplinary proceedings against the student.

6. Misuse of Mobile Phones in the college premises is strictly prohibited.

7. The girls as well as he boys are expected to come to the college in dignified and proper dress.

8. Smoking and use of drugs in the college campus is a punishable offence.

9. Students are expected to protect college property and maintain the ambience of the premises.

10. Students are also advised not to sit on staircases to avoid inconvenience to others.